ICYMI: #FireColbert Trends Over ‘Homophobic’ Donald Trump Joke — But Wait Until You See Who’s Really Tweeting!

Stephen Colbert has been poking fun at Donald Trump for months, but this time HE’S the one drawing ire.

In a comedic bit in defense of fellow CBS employee John Dickerson (the Face The Nation host to whom POTUS was exceptionally rude this week), Colbert adopted a more coarse, insulting style for a few shots across Drumpf’s bow. He began:

"I love your presidency; I call it Disgrace The Nation. You’re not the POTUS, you’re the bloatus…"

And so on.

Video: Stephen Brings Back His Colbert Report Alter Ego To Weigh In On Bill O’Reilly’s Ousting From Fox News!

The mini roast ended with what many believe crossed the line:

"The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock-holster."

Several commenters took offense to the use of "cock-holster" — specifically in making fun of Trump with a comment they viewed as homophobic:

So, Colbert is saying homophobic things again? Disappointing that CBS supports and empowers this. #firecolbert
— Michael Oxley (@Truthchampion16) May 2, 2017

Time for him to go. Total trash. I will boycott advertisers. #FireColbert
— hank_1972 (@Hank_1972) May 3, 2017

#firecolbert Enough is enough, CBS. That hack must be let go.
— John Beeland (@DeepSthBoy) May 3, 2017

If you believe CBS is providing and condoning homophobic behavior there advertisers also need to be accountable#firecolbert
— Wayne C (@realwaynec) May 3, 2017

Buuuuuuuttt… did these commenters REALLY take offense??

See, in looking through the Twitter feeds of those calling for Colbert’s firing, we’re seeing lots of Trump support, defense of Jeff Sessions, Ann Coulter retweets — what we’re not seeing is legitimate compassion for LGBT issues.

No, it seems this whole trending topic has been cooked up by right wingers trying to use social justice warrior tactics to defend their beloved leader.

And a lot of liberals on Twitter noticed!

#FireColbert is trending. You know delicate #MAGA snowflakes are triggered when they pretend to care about either civility or homophobia.
— Mrs. Betty Bowers (@BettyBowers) May 2, 2017

Conservatives last week: Ann Coulter has a right to freely spew her hate speech.

I’d like to see a Venn diagram with the #FireColbert crowd and the Trumpies who demanded an end to PC standards of behavior.
— Michael Freeman (@michaelpfreeman) May 3, 2017

I’m gay & find the #FireColbert people to be thin-skinned snowflakes. @StephenAtHome did his job … hilariously! #GiveColbertARaise
— Just Sylvan Please (@sylvan_wolf) May 3, 2017

If you really had any shred of respect for the LGBTQIA community, you would be tweeting #FirePence instead of #FireColbert, you dumb pos.
— Amir (@AmirAminiMD) May 3, 2017

BTW, we’re not saying Colbert’s joke didn’t offended anyone for real.

In this context the joke wasn’t about gay panic — it was about Trump doing favors for Putin. And we do kind of love how much it would annoy the EXTREMELY homophobic Russian prez. But using gay sex as an insult IS homophobic, whether the intention is there or not. There’s just too much bad history there.

So yeah, Stephen crossed a line, but he did it for a good cause. And the idea that we’d actually demand he be fired for it is RIDICULOUS!

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