The Best Tweets & Memes Clowning On The Fyre Festival!

Thank God it’s Friday! And thank God for the Fyre Festival!

The luxury music festival was an epic and utter FAIL, and social media still hasn’t gotten enough of the complete disaster that unfolded in the Bahamas Thursday night.

With acts cancelling their performances, people scrounging around for food, and feral dogs eyeing their prey from the distance, concertgoers were left with nothing more than a raging desire to return to their homes ASAP.

The rest of us, from behind the safety of our computer screens, gleefully watched a bunch of millennial trust fund babies get mildly inconvenienced for 24 hours. And. It. Was. HILARIOUS.

Take another look at some of the best reactions to the mess (below)!

#FyreFestival is an art installation where mediocre people realize what their lives would be like without rich parents.
— Mike Drucker (@MikeDrucker) April 28, 2017

Me when regular people get scammed vs when rich people get scammed #fyrefestival
— rosechocglam (@MBApioneerz) April 28, 2017

Me: I try to be a compassionate person ☺️✌🏼🌺
Me reading about #fyrefestival:
— Lizzie Tadsen (@tizzieladsen) April 28, 2017

If you paid $250,000 to go to a Ja Rule concert you deserve to get stuck at a financial advisory seminar. #FyreFestival
— Jenny Johnson (@JennyJohnsonHi5) April 28, 2017

Props to #Entertainment720 for their work on #fyrefestival
— liz laribee (@lizlaribee) April 28, 2017

Do not let #FyreFestival refugees into the country. We cannot risk it if even ONE of them has been radicalized.
— Chris Adler 🌹 (@adler_chris) April 28, 2017

Me at home watching rich people get scammed to see what it feels like to live in subhuman conditions #FyreFestival
— Al Bree (@nlitenmebabe) April 28, 2017

this is my favorite interaction i’ve ever seen #FyreFestival
— rick (@PatMahogna) April 28, 2017

Every time a rich kid gets scammed, an angel gets its wings. #FyreFestival
— Cindy (@snarkycindy) April 28, 2017

So TGIF & enjoy your low wage jobs today because at least you didn’t pay $5k+ to be at lord of the flies train wreck that is #fyrefestival
— Madeline Krebs (@madelinekrebs) April 28, 2017

Have a great weekend!

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